Solar Applications in Lower Saxony

In this directory, the companies are categorized by application the solar solutions they provide are meant for. Here you can get information on suppliers of portable solar power generators, solar systems for homes and buildings, solar cars, boats and other vehicles, solar product for lighting, and much more.

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Phywe Systeme GmbH und Co. KG

Robert-Bosch-Breite 10
Lower Saxony 37079

Together with more than 60 PHYWE-authorised International Sales Partners (ISP) - and in cooperation with Lucas-Nülle-GmbH which develops and produces...

Solfatec GmbH

Forster Weg 67, D-31785
Lower Saxony

Solfatec designs, develops and produce solarelectrical driven ships and boats for use in different water environments.
We are planning and ...