Solar Applications in Netherlands

In this directory, the companies are categorized by application the solar solutions they provide are meant for. Here you can get information on suppliers of portable solar power generators, solar systems for homes and buildings, solar cars, boats and other vehicles, solar product for lighting, and much more.

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Elephant B.V.

Bornholmstraat 62A
Groningen 9723

We are experts in the field of electric fences. The Elephant Electric Fence has been in production since 1967, the major breakthrough coming in the ...


Morseweg 11, 8503 AH

We are marktleader in renewable and energy saving products in EU. We have the largest programm in this theme.

Baiyiled Europe BV

Koningsbeltweg 72 A, 1329

BAIYILED Europe B.V. is a leading European manufacturer in the LED lighting industry.

Datawell BV

Zomerluststraat 4, 2012 LM
North Holland

Datawell is a company which develops oceanographical measuring instruments.

Home Energy Int. B.V.

Calvary 757, 2132
North Holland

Home Energy International offers unique solar and wind energy products for individuals and companies. 


Haringburgwal 13 A, 1141 AT
North Holland

UMMAC is a Dutch/South-African corporation that specializes in the manufacture and sale of internationally approved and high quality, industrial ...

I.T.O. Vaarwegmarkering B.V.

'S Gravendijckseweg 23, 2201 CZ
South Holland

ITO Navaids, a division of Technostrobe, is a leading company specialising in the design, production and maintenance of solar powered aids to ...

Global Solar Vision

Kerkweg 55 A, 3235 XL
South Holland

We have developed the industry’s leading solar Dc-Dc convertor, named Sunboost® Technology, for low power energy harvesting solutions. 

Atlas Technologies B.V.

Automotive Campus 30, 5708 JZ
North Brabant

Lightyear is not an ordinary car manufacturer. We are a tech company on a mission: to create clean mobility for everyone.

Spirit Solar Lighting

Etruskenweg 18
North Brabant 5349

The designs of the SPIRIT solar powered  products are based in Oss. In Oss, we have the facility and capacity to design, develop, prototype and ...