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Within this category, the list of solar installation companies is presented. The businesses are grouped by location. We provide you with the company short descriptions and contact details. You can get in touch with the company through a special form on our website. Find solar PV installer company.

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Spenglerei Pfaffelmoser

Mühlbachweg 8 A-6671 Weißenbach
Weißenbach am Lech, Tyrol

Our 5 kWp PV system mounted on the company building (Prefa aluminum roof tiles)

Klingler Installationen GmbH

Giessen 13d, A-6300 Wörgl
Wörgl, Tyrol

Let the sun work for you and reduce your monthly fixed costs! We at Klingler Installations in the Kufstein district take over the professional ...


Wies 59 6306 Söll
Söll, Tyrol

We supply and install solar and photovoltaic systems on schedule according to your ideas. Our strength ranges from small plants to the assembly of ...

Kernmaier Elektrotechnik

Innsbruckerstraße 11 6380 St. Johann in Tirol
St. Johann in Tirol, Tyrol

We understand photovoltaic systems as a system and combine expertise with our high quality standards. Professional planning, installation, electrical ...

Elektro Helmut Sunk eU

Blumau 6/1, 3204 Kirchberg/Pielach
Kirchberg in Tirol, Tyrol

We respond to customer requests and develop the best solution for every single customer with our know-how. We assist in the processing and submission ...

Luzian Bouvier

Hauptstraße 77-79, A-6511 Zams
Zams, Tyrol

For years, interest in the resource "solar energy" has increased. The reason is obvious: solar energy is used to produce heat and electrical energy, ...

Brunner Max GmbH

Bergwerkstraße 4a, 6130 Schwaz
Schwaz, Tyrol

We develop an optimal, tailor-made concept for your project and support you from consultation to planning to installation and after completion for ...

Elektro-Kollaczia GmbH

Perlmooserstr 11 6322 Kirchbichl
Kirchbichl, Tyrol

Correct dimensioning of the photovoltaic system, assistance with grant applications, applications and much more - with Elektro Kollaczia, you benefit ...

Elektrotechnik Wiederin

Lochbödele 16 6500 Landeck
Landeck, Tyrol

From the smallest plant with 3 panels to the commercial plant - module optimized with SolarEdge

Energieschmiede GmbH

Dorfstraße 66 6364 Brixen im Thale
Brixen im Thale, Tyrol

The photovoltaic modules usually have a 10-year warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee. Which means that after this time expires, for example. ...