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Alter-eko s.r.o.

Zdiby, Zelená 64
Zdiby, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

Alter-eko s.r.o. was founded in 2005 and from the very beginning we have focused on environmentally friendly technical solutions. Our customers are ...

B&B systems plus

Na Slunci 592 250 64 Hovorčovice
Hovorčovice, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

B&B systems plus, a.s. is a general supplier of photovoltaic solar power plants in industrial zones, for family houses, on the roof surfaces of ...

Česká solární s.r.o.

Lázeňská 403 252 42 Jesenice u Prahy
Jesenice, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

We would like to thank all our clients, thanks to whom we have been able to realize over 430 installations on the roofs of buildings. In 2019, ...

Elektro Market Servis s.r.o.

Litoměřická 145, 27721 Liběchov
Liběchov, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

We offer a complete construction of a photovoltaic power plant on the roofs of buildings, including the execution of all permits, so-called "turnkey".

Hrazdira-Elektro s.r.o.

Javorník 51257 63 Trhový Štěpánov
Trhový Štěpánov, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

We provide installation of photovoltaic systems.


Nová Ves p. Pleší 166 Nová Ves pod Pleší 262 04
Nová Ves pod Pleší, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

Since 2006 we have focused on renewable energy sources.

Radek Holý

Dr.Jurenky 203, Březnice 262 72
Březnice, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

Photovoltaic power plants - solar photovoltaic systems - photovoltaics. We supply material for photovoltaics, we supply installation for photovoltaics...


Průmyslová 313 252 17 Tachlovice
Tachlovice, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

We have been operating under the S-Power Energies brand for 2 years. At that time we became a part of ENERGON holding. Since then we have over 1,800 ...

Sany s. r. o.

Rožmitálská 163 261 01 Příbram VI - Březové Hory
Březové Hory, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

Are you beginning to consider saving through photovoltaic panels? Then it is time to contact Sany sr.r.o sales representatives who will create a ...

Solar NG, spol. s r.o.

Pod Hvězdárnou 550 261 01 Příbram
Příbram, Central Bohemian
Czech Republic

We have to realize that this is an investment for 20 years or more and its return depends on the intensity of solar radiation (unfortunately we cannot...