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Aut. El-installatør Henrik Larsen ApS

Barfoedsvej 4, 9800 Hjørring
Hjørring, Nordjylland

In the vast majority of cases, one of the most effective ways to reduce costs, energy consumption and thereby CO2 emissions is to actively focus on ...

Himmerland Alarm - El A/S

Trykkerivej 4 9560 Hadsund
Hadsund, Nordjylland

We help companies, institutions and individuals with all kinds of electrical solutions of varying sizes. We strive to help our customers holistically...

Hjørring El-Teknik ApS

Poppelvej 1 9800 Hjørring
Hjørring, Nordjylland

Hjørring El-Teknik currently has 5 fitters and 1 apprentice and deals with virtually everything inside electricity industry. Hjørring El-Teknik ApS ...

HP Byg

Ollerupvej 8 DK-9220 Aalborg Ø
Aalborg, Nordjylland

HP Byg has delivered and installed approx. 100 solar cells in North Jutland. The plant sizes range from 4-400 Kwp. , and is mounted directly on saddle...

JP Elteknik & Entreprise ApS

Askhøjvej 76 8570 Albøge
Albøge, Nordjylland

Delivery & assembly. JP Elteknik supplies and installs solar cell systems.

KM Solar A/S

Sprogøvej 2, 9800 Hjørring
Hjørring, Nordjylland

In addition, we of course design and install solar cells for all types of buildings. In addition to our skilled partner Energinord, who runs all over ...

KT Elektric

Porsvej 6 9000 Aalborg
Aalborg, Nordjylland

With solar panels, you can produce electricity from the sun's light. This is both energy-saving, while solar cells have a long life, as the technology...

Kuafu ApS

Vodskovvej 135 9310 Vodskov
Vodskov, Nordjylland

Solar cells are typically constructed of refined silicon, which is also used in electronics. It is especially used for electronics and is the material...

Mariendal El-Teknik A/S

Gasværksvej 44 9000 Aalborg
Aalborg, Nordjylland

We have several years of experience with energy optimization via intelligent control of buildings and installations. We have a wide range of energy ...

Michael Wulff Solceller

Juelstrupparken 19 9530 Støvring
Støvring, Nordjylland

Michael Wulff negotiates and installs solar cell systems from leading foreign suppliers. Solar cells with maximum production - up to 25% greater ...