Solar Installers in Northern Savonia

Within this category, the list of solar installation companies is presented. The businesses are grouped by location. We provide you with the company short descriptions and contact details. You can get in touch with the company through a special form on our website. Find solar PV installer company.

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100 Sähkö Suomi Oy

Takojantie 22, 70900 Toivala
Toivala, Northern Savonia

100 Electric Finland Oy is a specialist in electricity, solar energy and automation. We make electrical engineering and contracting and install solar ...

Kuopion Finteco Lvis Oy

Itkonniemenkatu 19, Kuopio
Kuopio, Northern Savonia

We sell, install and maintain photovoltaic systems. The most common systems used by households are 3 to 5 kW on-grid systems, that is, they are ...

Sähköasennus NordBox Oy

Pöksänlammentie 4 70870 Hiltulanlahti
Kuopio, Northern Savonia

The sun provides endless clean energy in the form of natural light and heat. Electrical Installation NordBox Oy sells and installs high-quality solar ...

Savon Aurinkoenergia Oy

Kellokuja 170460 Kuopio
Kuopio, Northern Savonia

You get a turnkey delivery, ie a photovoltaic system installed and ready for use. You can rely on our high-quality solar panels and the ...


Savikoskentie 88, 72100 Karttula
Karttula, Northern Savonia

We supply complete solar photovoltaic systems to households, cottages, agriculture and businesses. Systems include everything you need for solar power...

Sisä-Savon Sähkö OY

Herralantie 5, 77600 Suonenjoki
Suonenjoki, Northern Savonia

Solar energy has also reached Finland. The electricity generated by solar energy is recovered through panels for household and business use, and any ...