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Within this category, the list of solar installation companies is presented. The businesses are grouped by location. We provide you with the company short descriptions and contact details. You can get in touch with the company through a special form on our website. Find solar PV installer company.

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Paneliankosken Voima

Mäkiläntie 7, 27430 Panelia
Eura, Satakunta

Our experts know how to design the right size system for your needs at a competitive price, installed by an electrician. The package includes a system...

Sähkö-Pori Oy

Ojantie 14, 28130 Pori
Pori, Satakunta

The system is ideal for single-family homes and holiday homes with their own electrical connection. The turnkey package includes: brackets for brick, ...

Sähköliike E. J. Lehto Oy

Loimijoentie 4, 32700 Huittinen
Huittinen, Satakunta

Solar photovoltaic is an ecological and effortless alternative to generating electricity, for example, outside electrical connections. Photovoltaic is...

Sol.en Oy

Salviatie 1, 28610 Pori
Pori, Satakunta

The purchase of a photovoltaic system consists of several sub-areas. Some things can be done by yourself, such as purchasing system components, while ...

Vatajankosken Sähköltä

Vuohiniityntie 2, 38700 Kankaanpää
Kankaanpää, Satakunta

Five Reasons to Purchase Solar Panels from Vatajankoski Electric. We have been a reliable player in the energy sector since 1926. With us, you get an ...

Jahtec OY

Vuorenpääntie 10, 26510 Rauma
Rauma, Satakunta

Jahtec is a company specializing in industrial electrical installations. Our services include, in addition to traditional electrical installations, ...

Kokemäen Sähkö Oy

Skaffarinkatu 14 32800 Kokemäki
Kokemäki, Satakunta

We offer our customers the opportunity to produce solar power by selling solar cell systems of various sizes as a turnkey solution. The package ...

Lammaisten Energia

Myllykatu 2, 29200 Harjavalta
Harjavalta, Satakunta

We sell solar cell systems of various sizes as a turnkey service. The SUN photovoltaic package includes a system (panels, mounting brackets, inverter...