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On this webpage, solar panel manufacturers from all over the world are listed. With the help of our convenient catalog, you can easily find the company specializing in photovoltaic modules, solar cells and other related solar products in your area.

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Heckert Solar GmbH

Carl-von-Bach-Straße 11
Chemnitz, Saxony 09116

Heckert Solar is specialized in manufacturing high quality and high-performance solar modules. We manufacture photovoltaic modules of various ...

Solarwatt AG

Maria-Reiche-Straße 2a, D-01109
Dresden, Saxony

What was born in 1993 as the vision of three solar pioneers is today the leading German manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, the European market ...

Heliatek GmbH

Treidlerstraße 3, 01139
Dresden, Saxony

Heliatek aims to become a worldwide leading company for a sustainable and carbon free future. The company holds the organic photovoltaic world record ...


Pereser Hoehe 1, 04442
Zwenkau, Saxony

Our focus is to produce exponential materials that will expand through energy oriented industries. State of the art technologies are being used at OC3...