Copernico Zonne-Energie

Copernico Zonne-Energie

Copernico Solar Energy works with solar panels that deliver the highest yield and are sustainably developed. Every year Copernico Solar Energy takes a critical look at the latest developments. Based on annual reports from, among others, Photon and SVTC, panels with the best yield and the most sustainable production process are chosen. Our solar panels include. from Trina, BenQ (AUO), Solarworld, Panasonic and LG. These panels belong to the absolute top when it comes to yield. They are also the best when it comes to sustainable production. The panels are tested on various criteria. In addition to efficiency, healthy and safe working conditions, reduction of harmful substances and energy consumption are also considered.

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Inverter Brands: SolarEdge

Solar Panel Brands: Benq, LG, Panasonic, Solarworld, Trina Solar

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