Ets Briatte S.P.R.L.

Ets Briatte S.P.R.L.

The installation of the photovoltaic panels is carried out as follows: on an inclined roof: laying in superimposition or integration. on a flat roof: bins and or structures on brackets with weighting most often on the ground: either on slab or concrete studs, with brackets or according to another fastening system (for example: the follower) UPS has a role of transformation of electricity: it converts the direct current supplied by the photovoltaic panels into alternating current for the network and is thus exploitable directly in the house. It is the essence of the photovoltaic network. The quality of its performance plays on the efficiency of the photovoltaic installation and therefore its productivity (Kwh)

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Inverter Brands: Power One, SMA

Solar Panel Brands: REC, SunPower