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Oulun Energia

Kasarmintie 6 PL 116, 90101 Oulu
Oulu, North Ostrobothnia

Easy - We offer our Solar Power Systems as Turnkey service. By purchasing a solar power plant from Oulun Energia, you can start producing your ...

Oulun Sähkötek Oy

Hiltusentie 20 A 5 90620 Oulu
Oulu, North Ostrobothnia

Through Oulun Sähkötek Oy you can get solar panel solutions on a turn-key basis both at home and at home. We handle licensing issues for you (power ...

Pohjois-Suomen Tekniikkapalvelu

Rakentajantie 8, 90940 Oulu
Oulu, North Ostrobothnia

Energy efficient services for industry needs. Our goal is to support industry companies in energy saving goals, increasing self-sufficiency and ...

TM Voima

Hallitie 4, 84100 Ylivieska
Ylivieska, North Ostrobothnia

TMV Service has made technical studies for solar park construction during the past year. We have made preliminary budget offers and studied licensing ...

HSK Sähkö

Yrityskalliontie 1 85100 Kalajoki
Kalajoki, North Ostrobothnia

HSK Sähkö designed and built a 50 kWp solar power system for Solar Kaihtim in the summer of 2018. Solar is a fish-based company that manufactures ...

Fixel Oy

Välikyläntie 608, 85540 Nivala
Nivala, North Ostrobothnia

Get the Fixel photovoltaic system to fit your home in size and pre-installed. Your Fixel electrical expert will measure the system installation ...

E. Kotilainen Oy

Haikolantie 14, 85410 Sievi
Sievi, North Ostrobothnia

Solar power is renewable and emission-free energy. Solar panels convert solar rays into electricity, making solar energy usable. Active utilization of...

Oulun Seudun Sähkö

Voimatie 2 90440, Kempele
Kempele, North Ostrobothnia

A solar panel system designed for Finnish conditions at a reasonable price. Easy turnkey delivery across the country. Long warranty periods, including...

Oulun Sähköasennus Oy

Lempiniemenkuja 7, 90900 Kiiminki
Kiiminki, North Ostrobothnia

We handle licensing issues for you (power plant and building control). We make an electrical inspection report on the installation and we give a ...