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Linnan Sähkö ja Tarvike

Ilokallionkatu 7, 57200 Savonlinna
Savonlinna, Southern Savonia

We supply systems and supplies nationwide at net prices. Installation Services in Savonlinna Economic Area. We install networked photovoltaic systems ...

Ahjo Energia

Kermanrannantie 3 79700 Heinävesi
Heinävesi, Southern Savonia

Solar energy compared to other energy sources. In the case of renewable sources, the figures describe the annual yield and, in finite terms, the total...

Lumme Energia

Otto Mannisen katu 6, PL 3, 50101 Mikkeli
Mikkeli, Southern Savonia

We have packaged everything we need according to our turnkey delivery. That is, solar panels and other necessary technology, system design, assistance...

M. Salonen KY

Porrassalmenkatu 1 50100 Mikkeli
Mikkeli, Southern Savonia

We sell and install solar panels. We work with the industry leader: Naps Solar Systems Oy Naps has delivered solutions to demanding customers since ...


Otto Mannisen tie 8, Kangasniemi
Kangasniemi, Southern Savonia

When planning the purchase of a photovoltaic system, it is good to consider the benefits of the system, as the power of the system and the number of ...