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6B Impasse de la Cerisaie ZA de la Corbière 35580 Goven
Saint-Brieuc, Brittany

Installing photovoltaic solar panels in your home allows you to preserve the environment by benefiting from a complementary source of income. ...

Dom & Lux

ZA Les grands sillons 35150 Corps Nuds
Corps Nuds, Brittany

The installation of a small domestic wind turbine, with a nominal power of 30 kilowatts or less in order to produce and self-consume electricity ...


4 Avenue Pierre Marzin CS, 22303
Lannion, Brittany

RECOM, one of the fastest growing companies in the European solar industry, proudly announces the successful acquisition of the Sillia VL production ...


18 Rue des Tanneries à Grand Fougeray
Grand-Fougeray, Brittany

The total sales configuration consists of connecting the photovoltaic system to the distribution network and selling all the electricity produced. A ...

Solair 3 Tech

6, Rue Pierre Et Marie Curie, 35500 Vitre
Vitré, Brittany

Established since 2008, Solair 3 Tech is an innovative company in the fields of renewable energies. The range of our products consists of: solar ...

GELEC Energy

7 Rue du Bois, 22120
Yffiniac, Brittany

Hybridization is the joining of different energy sources (solar, air, tidal, diesel) to design an autonomous, economic and environmentally friendly ...

Emeraude Solaire

6, Rue Des Bregeons, 35400 Saint Malo
Saint-Malo, Brittany

Designer of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant, installer of photovoltaic panels in Brittany and in the Greater West (from Caen to La Rochelle, via Rennes...

Energies Renouvelables Christophe Creno

Zone espace Littoral 56190 Muzillac
Muzillac, Brittany

The company Renewable Energies Christophe Créno, located in Muzillac in the Morbihan, offers its services since 1990 in new and renovation.

Souchet Bruno

1 Rue Des Artisans ZAE Le Plessis, 85230 St Urban
Saint-Urbain, Brittany

The panels are installed on the roof of the house (facing south). They are formed of a multitude of cells that transform the light energy into an ...

Souet Électricité EnR

18 rue Charles Lindbergh - ZA de La Chauvelière - 35150 Janzé
Janzé, Brittany

The company Souet Électricité EnR has a successful experience since its creation in 1997.