Ralf Ogniwek Solartechnik

Ralf Ogniwek Solartechnik

You expect an installation that guarantees the perfect functioning of your solar system. Almost all roof structures today allow the installation of solar panels. Whether pitched roof, flat roof or trapezoidal roof: We install your photovoltaic system quickly, professionally and professionally. In addition to the professional installation of the solar modules, care must also be taken to ensure the correct installation of the necessary electrical accessories. Power cables must be laid, inverters installed and electricity meters installed. Only if the installation is done properly, a convincing energy yield is possible. We ensure that your photovoltaic system is mounted in such a way that it guarantees the correct orientation and the perfect angle of inclination for a productive operation.

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  • Klein Hansdorfer Strasse 18, 22941 Jersbek
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  • Phone: +49 45 32 – 2 49 96
  • Fax: +49 45 32 – 26 80 92
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Inverter Brands: Fronius, Kostal, SMA

Solar Panel Brands: LG, QCELLS, SolarWatt